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With bank-tax interactive "loans" bringing "timely rain,"

small and medium-sized micro-enterprises in Ningbo enjoy more than 40 billion yuan of "living water"

"We are A-level taxpayers with tax credit, and after consulting the tax department, the company applied for a loan through the bank-tax interactive module with the mentality of trying it out, and I didn't expect that within a few days, the Bank of China granted a loan of 50 million yuan." Ding Gaosong, the person in charge of Ningbo Gaosong Electronics Co., Ltd., was full of feelings.

This efficient credit facility comes from the efficient collaboration between the tax department and the bank. Since the launch of this year's "Spring Wind Action to Facilitate Private Taxation",

the bank-tax interaction mechanism has been further deepened, opening up a new channel of "direct data connection" between tax and banks, and small and medium-sized enterprises can complete loan applications with simple operations, and "real money" arrives in time, which has made many Ningbo enterprises praise it.

"In order to better meet the capital needs of business entities, our bank has established a direct data connection with the tax department, and after the enterprise is authorized through the bank-tax interactive module, the bank can inquire with the tax department about the company's production and operation, tax credit and other key information, and further accelerate the speed of credit granting." Hu Ye, the relevant person in charge of the Cixi branch of the Bank of China, said.

In addition to growing enterprises, small and micro enterprises have benefited the most through the interaction between banks and taxes. Data from the first seven months of this year show that the number of bank-tax interactive loans for small and micro enterprises accounts for more than eighty percent.

Zhenhai Taylor Yousheng Hydraulic Co., Ltd. is a small and micro enterprise that develops and produces mechanical parts such as hydraulic systems and hydraulic motors. Since the beginning of this year, affected by factors such as rising material and labor costs, coupled with increasing investment in research and development, enterprises' own funds have become stretched.

"As a small and micro enterprise, we are most concerned about the interest rate of the loan. We found that the interest rate of loan application through the bank-tax interactive module is lower and our burden is lighter. Miao Jing, the relevant person in charge of Taylor Yousheng Hydraulics, said that after successfully obtaining a loan of 1 million yuan, the company immediately invested this money in the research and development of new projects.

At present, the municipal tax department has achieved direct online data connection with 28 banks, and qualified business entities can freely choose lending banks and conveniently enjoy the unsecured and low-interest rate treatment brought by bank-tax interaction. Up to now, the bank-tax interaction has attracted more than 43.5 billion yuan of capital "living water" for Ningbo small and medium-sized enterprises.

"Since the beginning of this year, the tax department has launched 5 batches of 109 measures to facilitate private tax payment, including deepening the interaction between banks and taxes, effectively solving the practical difficulties of business entities, and striving to help business entities move forward lightly and develop quickly with a more worry-free, more secure and more comfortable tax business environment." The relevant person in charge of the municipal tax bureau said

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