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CNITECH at Hangzhou Bay Area offers quick test services

“Previously we had to send out materials to a test service provider in Suzhou and it would take a month to get the result. Now with this test center nearby, the report will be done in just a few days”, said Shao Yexi,project manager of Ningbo Dichuang Medical Technology, who just had the company’s materials tested.

In the past month, six companies including Dichuang Medical Technology, Xingye Shengtai, Enerol Nanotechnologies, and SCSW have received free testing services initiated by CNITECH, CAS. "In the early stage, we communicated closely with the Ningbo Materials Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and finally finalized this free test service to reduce the burden for enterprises that resumed production under the impact of the epidemic." The relevant person in charge of Hangzhou

Bay Research Institute of Ningbo Materials Institute said that through the Zhejiang regional center of national new material testing and evaluation platform, Ningbo New Material Testing and Evaluation Center and Ningbo Institute of Materials Science and Technology Public Service Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences cooperate to provide one-stop services including technical consultation, testing, and issuance of reports. The material testing content includes material micro-structure analysis, performance analysis, inorganic composition analysis and organic analysis.


In order to minimize the impact of the complicated testing process on the resumption of production by enterprises, the testing platform is available for online application, consultation, and process, apart from mail-based services. In this way, companies do not have to go the center and the samples received will be delivered to the laboratory on the same day. For emergent requests, the lab will work extra time to process the testing. Over the past month, with an average testing period ranging from 4 to 5 days, it has provided efficient services for enterprises resuming work.

Statistics show that this service has reduced or waived nearly RMB 60,000 of test service fees for the above-mentioned six enterprises in Hangzhou Bay New Area. At the same time, the platform also provides free one-stop testing services for more than 2,000 samples of more than 100 enterprises across the province, reducing the cost of testing by nearly RMB 800,000. It is worth mentioning that the free testing service will continue depending on the epidemic situation until June 30, 2020.


At present, Hangzhou Bay Research Institute of Ningbo Institute of Materials, located in Zhongchuang Park (Phase III) of the New Area, has pressed the "fast forward button" for project construction, talent recruitment, and platform creation. Since its creation in December 2018, the institute has exerted its superior talent pooling effect, and the engineering innovation platform in 8 areas has been promoted smoothly. It has gathered more than 500 high-level talents and has become an important platform for Ningbo Materials Institute to make breakthroughs “from material research to application engineering”

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