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Two new innovation platforms settle down at Ningbo Mold Industrial Park

At the 2019 China (Ningbo) Mold Industry Development Forum on September 8, two innovation platforms, i.e. the industrial internet platform of the mold industry and the regional supply-demand coordination platform for auto parts and molds, both signed the agreement to settle down at Ningbo Mold Industrial Park.

Mold is an important foundation for the high-quality development of manufacturing. According to preliminary statistics, 75% of the world’s pretreating industrial product parts, 50% of finishing parts and the vast majority of plastic

products are produced by mold processing. With the acceleration of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial changes, as well as the industrial upgrading caused by consumption upgrading, the auto, electronics and electrical appliances industries have put forward higher requirements for the mold industry. As one of the traditional advantage industries in Ningbo, the mold industry is now in urgent need of transformation and upgrading.

"The two newly introduced platforms will bring about more power and intelligence to Ningbo’s mold industry by taking advantage of the industrial internet", said a person in charge from Ningbo Mold Industrial Park. To be specific, the industrial internet platform will be integrated into the "innovative service complex platform for SMEs in Zhejiang Province", thus providing services on an overall basis for the mold industrial internet and supply chain finance of Ningbo and even the whole Yangtze River Delta area.

The regional supply-demand coordination platform for auto parts and molds will, by taking advantage of the industrial digitalization, focus on the supply and demand of the upstream and downstream industrial market of the auto parts molds and provide industrial services for cross-regional upstream and downstream suppliers business for auto parts. So far, the platform has established the Jilin Auto Parts Platform, which will then dock with the Ningbo Mold Auto Parts Industrial Platform and realize the win-win result by further docking the supply and demand information through the industrial internet

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