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Zhenhai aiding college graduates' business establishment

The other day, Zhenhai District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau signed cooperation agreements with Ningbo University, Ningbo University of Technology, Zhejiang Institute of Textile and Garment and Zhejiang Business Technology Institute, aiming to make the Zhenhai College Graduates Business Park as to the base to help college graduates to establish their business. On the same day, four college graduates from the schools signed agreements to open their businesses in the park.

Zhenhai College Graduates Business Park, founded in June 2009, is Ningbo's first business park for college graduates. At present, the park has an area of about 10,000 sq m, and has over 90 enterprises in it. It is today the largest business park for college graduates in Ningbo. Every year, the district arranges funds of 2 million yuan for subsidies to the businesses by college graduates that operate normally three months after they are settled in the park, each subsidy ranging from 20,000 to 200,000 yuan. The district also practices a series of preferential policies for the businesses in collateral for loans, discount loans, subsidies for offices rents, social security, tax exemption and support to R&D programs.

According to the agreements with the four colleges, the local government and the colleges involved should cooperate in such fields as the professional education, business establishment, and guidance and services, so as to make college graduates more competent in establishing business.

Reportedly, most companies owned by college graduates in the park are set up by those from educational institutions in Ningbo.

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