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Ningbo-made stationery exported to over 150 countries

After a two-day examination, on September 27, a group of 7 experts from China National Light Industry Council, China Stationery and Sporting Goods Federation and China Pen-making Federation unanimously agreed that Ningbo should go on to keep the laurel "Capital of Stationery of China".

In 2005, Ningbo was elected "Capital of Stationery of China", the honor Ningbo won as a national-level featured economic area. According to related rules, this title is not permanent and it should be re-examined every three years. In 2008, Ningbo was a success in passing the re-examination. "This honor plays a very important role in promoting the stationery industry for a healthy, rapid and sustainable development," said a related authority of the stationary federation of Ningbo.

The stationery industry of Ningbo started from little family or collective workshops. With the development in the past 10 years, it has become a leading force in the country. At present, Ningbo has over 860 stationery producers, including 185 large enterprises. Over 300 companies are engaged in import and export of stationery. Most of the stationery enterprises are in Ninghai, Beilun, Yinzhou, Cixi and Yuyao. In the last year, the total industrial output value of the industry reaches 41 billion yuan, and the sales value 41.1 billion yuan, increased by 12.9%% and 14.1%% respectively against the same period of the previous year.

In the meanwhile, The brand strategy practiced in the industry has turned out good results. With the years' of efforts, 6 products of Beifa, Guangbo, Chenglu, Yongfa and Aipu are entitled Chinese Brand Names. 9 stationery companies get Famous Trademarks of China. 16 companies get Famous Brand Names of Zhejiang. 10 companies get Famous Trademarks of Zhejiang. 18 companies get Famous Brand Names of Ningbo.

According to the 12th Five-year Plan of Ningbo, by 2015, the sales output of the stationery industry of Ningbo should reach 100 billion yuan, and Ningbo-made stationery products should have 10% of the market in the world.

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