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15th Ningbo Int'l Fashion Festival Closed

At 16:00 of October 23rd, the Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center saw the conclusion of the Fashion Fair. 400 exhibitors began to move out. Many of them exhibitors even began to order the 2012 booths with the organizing committee.
During these four days, over 10,000 purchasers from home and abroad participated in the Fair and signed orders with the exhibitors, said the organizer.
Besides the purchasers from abroad, many distributors and franchisees from Sichuan, Hubei, Shaanxi, Liaoning, Guangdong and Shanghai also participated in the fair, which provided more channels for expanding Ningbo fashion industry in China. Babilele has signed with 25 franchisees and Yixiu received domestic orders worthy of 25 million yuan and signed contracts with 12 franchisees as well as 50 companies willing to join in.
With the theme of “Innovation of Fashion of Ningbo”, this festival has held a series of economic and cultural activities like fashion show, fashion trade, displaying the fashion trend, releasing the newest designs and famous brand show, which displayed the charm of Ningbo as a “city of garment” and “city of fashion”.
“100 years ago, Ningbo tailors made their living by a ruler and a pair of scissors, and nowadays their descendants blaze a new way to world fashion by means of inheriting and innovation.” said by Zhou Xueming, the deputy executive director of the organizing committee office of the fashion festival and the Municipal Economy and Information Committee.
On the evening of October 23rd, the closing ceremony of the 15th Ningbo International Fashion Festival and “Peacebird Night” was held in Ningbo Nanyuan Universe Hotel. Yu Hongyi, Shi Xiaoguo and Fu Dan attended the ceremony.

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