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3 routes recommended for China's beautiful rural leisure and tourism routes

In the 2019 China Rural Leisure Tourism (Spring) promotion event, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs released 60 routes of 2019 China's beautiful rural leisure tourism (spring) attractions. Peach Blossom Experience Line in Fenghua District, Jiangbei Leisure Culture Village Tour in Jiangbei District, and Sangzhou Yunanshangang in Ninghai County were selected, accounting for half of Zhejiang's selected routes.


The specific routes are: Fenghua City→Tengtou Agricultural Innovation Center→Linjia Village “Peach Garden of the World”; Ningbo City→Daren Village→Sunhu Tourist Resort→ Cicheng Ancient County→ Yaojiang Agricultural Park; Ninghai County Town → Nanling Village → Xiajia Ancient Tree Group. These boutique scenic spots are focused on ecological pastoral sightseeing, folklore

, specialty, rural fun, ancient villages, modern creative agriculture, etc. The integration of agriculture and tourism has become a typical representative of the agricultural and rural scenic spots in our city.

The selection of 3 boutique routes will serve as a model for leisure agricultural and rural tourism in the city, and promote the integration of first, second, and tertiary industries in the countryside

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