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Ethnic Minority Workers Are Taught Trades

The picture shows ethnic minority workers learning to make cakes. (Photo by Shen Tianzhou, Xu Huilin, Zhou Yan)

On September 1, in the Qianwangcun Cultural Auditorium in Dongqiao Town, Haishu District, migrant workers and elderly people dressed in ethnic minority costumes sat together to learn how to make chiffon cakes.

This is the first stop of the "One Person, One Art" activity in Haishu District to send skills training to the Cultural Auditorium and the Elderly School, and it is also the second "Ethnic Minority Pastry Training Course" held in Dongqiao Town.

There are many enterprises in Dongqiao Town, which has attracted many migrant workers, including more than 5,000 ethnic minority workers. In order to allow these ethnic minority workers to master a craft, Dongqiao Town held the first "ethnic minority pastry training course" last year

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