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Wanli Education Group cooperates with Zhengda Group

Wanli Education Group signed a cooperation agreement with the Cultivation Line of Zhengda Group on July 28. The two parties will establish a long-term all-around cooperating relationship in such fields as talent cultivation, sci-tech research and social services.

As Zhejiang Wanli University and the University of Nottingham, Ningbo are both featured subsidiaries of the Wanli Education Group, the teaching resources of the two universities will be utilized to provide the technology lectures, staff training and seminars to meet the needs of the modern agriculture and provide talent training in accordance with the demands of the enterprises.

In terms of modern agricultural researches, the two parties will carry out researches on the operation system of the modern agricultural production or even the whole modern agricultural system, including exploring such agricultural patterns as recycling agriculture, creative agriculture and leisure & experience agriculture by building comprehensive agricultural research centers. In addition, they will co-develop the various technological projects at all levels and realize the technological achievement development and transformation in various forms

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