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Summer camp of museums starts

On August 1, the 15 children of the Summer Camp of Museums organized by Ningbo Museum visited the exhibition of items from the British Museum held at Shanghai Museum. With the detailed interpretation from the narrator of the museum, the children also attended the specially arranged interaction activities. The accompanying parents of the children commented that the visiting of the museums of different places may help to broaden the horizon of their children.

The summer camp, with the theme of tour to museums, started on July 31 at Ningbo Museum. During the one-week period, the 15 children and their parents will conduct an in-depth tour to the typical and featured museums in Zhejiang Province, Jiangsu Province and Shanghai. On the first day of the camp, the children visited Ningbo Museum and experienced the integration of the technology and tradition by watching the 4D fim at the Hemudu Site Museum. In the following days, they will go to Shanghai Science and Technology Museum and Suzhou Museum. By visiting the museums with different styles and features, the children can take part in different interactive activities and learn to combine learning and creation

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