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The 24th Japan-South Korea-China Youth Games Rounded Off

Sponsored by the State General Administration of Sports and organized by Zhejiang Municipal Sports Bureau and Ningbo Municipal People’s Government, the 24th Japan-South Korea-China Youth Games was rounded off in Ningbo International Exhibition & Convention Center on the night of Aug.27th. Liu Fumin, director in charge of youth sports in the State General Administration of Sports and head of China’s sports delegation, Okazaki, head of Japan’s sports delegation, Park Chu-han, head of South Korea’s sports delegation, Zhang Minghua, deputy mayor of Ningbo and other important figures attended the closing ceremony cum the evening gala on Aug.27th.
On the ceremony, the athletes from three countries shared their euphoria and strengthened the bonds by partying. Over a half among 17 performances saw the participation of teenage athletes, among which China’s handball team and football team separately presented dances called “Dad! What’s Wrong” and “Tun’er” while South Korean basketball and volleyball teams gave performances like Hip-Pop and Japanese ping-pong and rugby teams displayed their vigor by the dances such as “Lucky Cookies in Love”. China’s wrestling team specially came to Ningbo and contributed a show on wrestling regardless of their absence in the Youth Games. All the athletes devoted themselves to a spectacularly large show named as “Let’s Fly Together”, walking on the stage hand in hand, yelling and bouncing with the hope to a promising future.

Launched by relevant sports associations in three countries, the Youth Games intends to boost exchanges and friendship among reserve sport talents as well as enhance proficiency in the arena of sports. It includes 11 competitions as regards track and field, basketball, volleyball, etc. and enrolls participants under 18 years old. The Youth Games is held, on a rotating basis, during a fixed spell from Aug.23th to 29th, granting a privilege to host cities which are able to form an independent delegation to join in the competitions. 
This year, with a principle of “friendship, progress and future”, nearly 1000 teenage athletes of the delegations from three countries as well as Ningbo, the host city have been competing with each other, showing their excellency, establishing closer relationships   and all the while making progress in four days’ time. No medals are given out though the performances are recorded. Those teenagers are rather relaxed during the competition, their expectations lying in strengthening the capabilities to learn and communicate as well as gaining experience for ensuing contests while flaunting their flair in sports and enhancing proficiencies.
It is said that the competition will be unveiled in Ibaraki, Japan next year.

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