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Talent Introduction Program Forges Brainpower of Cixi

At the beginning of “13th Five-Year”, a new round of grabbing high-level talents has started. Cixi begins to simplify the review process of “Shanglin Excellence” , largely improving the review’s efficiency. After releasing 19 selected lists and projects in the 7th batch of the program in March this year, the 8th batch will start its defense this month.
Connected with “the national scheme”(a plan for introducing high-level oversease talents), “the provincial scheme” and “Ningbo 3315”Excellence plan and to build “the brain”, Cixi launched “Shanglin Excellence” program in June, 2011. To the first half of this year, Cixi has finished 7 batches’ review of “Shanglin Excellence” program, including 113 initiative projects, 81 plans that have been implemented and 2 projects worth billions of yuan. So far it has introduced and converged 11 experts in the national scheme, such as Luo Peidong and Hua Shaobing, 3 professionals in the pronvincial scheme including Huang Biying, 7 projects of Ningbo "3115 team", 9 of "3115 individual plan" and 1 of "3115 e-commerce team".
Shanglin Lake is the land mark of Cixi's celadon culture, whose spirit is also one of the core values and ethos of our city. When it comes to the reason why named the excellence plan "Shanglin" and the enthusiasm about the"second start-up" , supporting the second soar development of Cixi with talents and.intelligence, the head of Cixi talents office suggests that they would inherit the special.ethos of "Shanglin", develop perseverance, encourage the passion for starting up and innovation. Faced with talents competition, the model of attracting talents by preferential policy will be transformed to by good environment and service, speeding up making the "Shanglin wisdom pool", a city with best environment and talents and making a contribution to attracting high-level innovative talents that Cixi badly needs for its economic and social development.

Having been through the decisive and unusual 6 years, the “Shanglin Excellence” program is keeping pace with the time experiencing creation and transformation, constantly expanding ways of attracting talents, enhancing the efficiency of review and optimizing the talents configuration. The ways of introducing talents have transformed from the government’s one-way promotion to a multilevel mutual promoting pattern, such as the cooperation of government and enterprises, flexible ways of absorbing talents, building an attractive platform, intermediary introduction and attracting talents with talents. So far, Cixi has set 6 talents contact points home and abroad, which is appealing to some famous domestic and foreign talent service agencies that are willing to settle down here, including Haijiaowang and Dafu Venture Capital Investment. Some private funds like Yongchao Venture Capital Investment and Shanglin Fund named polar lava have successfully registered and run. Besides, they have invested several talents programs, attracting talents from Japan and Australia rather than only from America. In terms of “ The City of Entrepreneurship•Shanglin Summit ” serial activities as well as Cixi high-level overseas talents and Cixi secondary school alumni Innovation Alliance, those two resource libraries play a significant role in attracting talents home. Cixi “Shanglin Excellence” program has basically formed 4 systems of overseas returnees, colleges and universities, central and national listed enterprises and the second start-ups.
Those six years has witnessed the increasing significance of Cixi factor in. “Shanglin Excellence” program, accompanied by the mounting heat of transformation and upgrading of local enterprises' introduction to leading talents. A major change is that the former two batches are all entrepreneurship projects, focusing on foreign companies. Until the3rd batch review of “Shanglin Excellence” program released in March, 2014, local enterprises began to be  selected. In the 6th group in April, 2015 and 7th group in March, 2016, 5 local enterprises were selected in each one, becoming a new light spot of the second venture.
In order to improve the effect of talents accumulation, Cixi has seized the “window period” for innovation-driven and open-cooperative development since year 2016, such as the emerging new turn of technological and industrial revolution, the publishing of major national development strategies, “Made in China 2025”, “Internet+” and the like, focusing on building groups of industrial platforms for talents introducing like Hangzhouwan Innovation Center, the Scheme Advanced Equipment Manufacturing Park, big data platform, Cixi Technology Software Park and so on, which provides a better creation and entrepreneurship environment for “Shanglin Excellence” program

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