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Ningbo University to Invest 10bn Yuan in Soliciting Elite

On Aug. 12th, Ningbo held this year’s discussion about the work of local colleges whose presidents and responsible Party secretaries gathered together in a careful deliberation of the loopholes of their school management and corresponding solutions.

The representative of Ningbo University enumerated the hindrances of its development, including the lack of high-caliber personnel, weak and undistinguished disciplines and an imbalance in the system fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, etc.

For each weakness mentioned, the university released corresponding documents of solutions. Its representative expressed its commitment to investing over 10bn yuan every year during the Thirteenth Five-year Plan so as to recruit 100 talents with at least a doctorate each year and 80 salient savants including academicians, Chang Jiang Scholars, outstanding youths, global experts and so forth within five years.

In terms of the disciplines, during the Thirteenth Five-year Plan, the university strives to improve their national ranks or even the global ranks, while putting a premium on three major fields expected to boost the industrial transformation of Zhejiang and Ningbo, namely, modern marine science, telecommunications and life and health.

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