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Shanghai citizens meet in Ningbo Asian Games tour

Ningbo welcomes the Asian Games and enters Shanghai to show its style. Recently, the "Binhai Ningbo" cultural tourism Asian Games theme roadshow was held in Shanghai,

using the Asian Games as the medium to promote the three characteristic cultural tourism routes, and hand over the "new business card" of Ningbo's modern coastal metropolis. The event, hosted by Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism, is the final work of the 2023 Ningbo Cultural Tourism Yangtze River Delta Promotion Season.

Shanghai is one of the most international cities in China, and its strong guest capacity and radiation effect have always been the driving force for Ningbo cultural tourism to take the initiative to dock. Ningbo and Shanghai belong to the Jiangnan cultural circle, and the inseparable relationship between geography and humanity has also made Shanghai citizens the main force of Ningbo's tourism market.

The venue of this event is located in Hongqiao Korea Street in Shanghai, and it is the K-pop Festival in Korea Street, which has become a gathering place for Shanghai citizens and international tourists.

At the scene, Ningbo Cultural Tourism started from the story of Shanghai and Ningbo, and with the help of the popularity of the Asian Games sub-division, it promoted three Asian Games themed routes: "Asian Games City Tour", "Asian Games Island Tour" and "Asian Games Music Tour", and supported a series of tourism products to attract tourists to experience Ningbo's "Four Seas" cultural tourism characteristic resources such as "Haisi Culture", "Gulf Style", "Haitian Buddha Country" and "Seafood Delicious".

Subsequently, the "100,000 Whys of the Asian Games You Don't Know" prize quiz activity set off a wave of interaction in the whole audience, and the flow of visitors actively participated in the rush to answer and fell in love with the "Ningbo Gift"; At the same time, the special "Binhai Ningbo Sailing Asian Games" check-in point and other activities also became the "atmosphere group leader" on the spot, attracting a large number of Shanghai citizens and Korean tourists to stop and watch. What's more, after learning that the Ningbo International Tourism Exhibition will be held in October, it quickly recruited "travel partners", which was quite lively.

Since the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta has been elevated to a national strategy, Ningbo has been actively integrating and taking "connecting with Greater Shanghai and integrating into the Yangtze River Delta" as an important strategic task. This year, with the strong recovery of the cultural tourism market, Ningbo cultural tourism continues to make efforts in Shanghai, Nanjing, Bengbu and other markets, and activities such as "10,000 people traveling to each other" and "1,000 people recuperation" have been launched one after another.

This summer, the passenger flow of the Yangtze River Delta Railway has increased significantly, especially on weekends and holidays, taking high-speed rail travel has become a hot spot, and the short- and medium-distance passenger flow is extremely hot, and many travel agencies in Ningbo have also frequently received "super tour groups". This "closing work" is to create high-quality product lines, actively compete for the Yangtze River Delta tourists to rush to Ningbo Asian Games, and start the "wonderful second half of the year"

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