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Cleaning homes, removing disease vectors,

itizens of Ningbo live a healthy life, and welcome the Asian Games

Crews spray drones at the Half Mountain Beach Volleyball Center. 

Large-scale spraying drones spray over the volleyball center of Banbian Mountain Beach, constant sprayers control mosquito and fly density on community greening,

thermal fog machines to quickly eliminate adult mosquitoes in the grass... Since mid-August, the summer and autumn patriotic health special campaign organized and implemented by the Patriotic Health Campaign Office of our city with the theme of "cleaning homes and removing vectors, healthy life to welcome the Asian Games" has entered a climax, and new vector prevention weapons have been shown one by one.

Since mid-July, the Municipal Patriotic Health Office has organized hundreds of professional companies, mass organizations and volunteer teams in the city to carry out a series of actions to improve prevention and control facilities, eliminate the "four pests" within the unit premises, clean up and eliminate insects in residents, send services to professional companies, and clean up the breeding ground of the "four pests" in key places, key industries and key parts of the city.

The special campaign was carried out by the Provincial Patriotic Health Campaign Committee, through the implementation of scientific, green, comprehensive and continuous vector biological control measures, with environmental remediation and breeding ground clean-up as the foundation, to effectively reduce the density of vector organisms such as mosquitoes, flies, rats and cockroaches, and make every effort to ensure the vector biological control of the Hangzhou Asian (Paralympic) Games and help the Asian Games be a smooth and complete success

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