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Rapid growth of enterprises in Ningbo Meishan Free Trade Zone

According to Beilun industrial and commercial administrative department, Ningbo Meishan Free Trade Zone has 1,024 enterprises, whose registered capital totaling 1.06 billion yuan. These enterprises are engaged in such businesses as construction, real property, trade, logistic, investment management, electronic products, petrol and coal. There are 163 companies whose registered capital each reaches 10 million yuan.

Meishan Island has superb coastal resources. The coastal line is 22.5 km long, with the greatest depth reaching 22 meters. With these conditions, the island is perfect for deep-water wharfs. The Meishan Port is 15 km long, 5 meters wide and 9 meters deep. The port has perfect coastal resources and deepwater berths for any large container ships in the world.

At present, Port of Ningbo navigates to over 600 ports in over 100 countries and regions. The annual cargo-handling capacity reaches 345 million tons, ranking the 2nd in Mainland China. The containers it handles in a year amounts to 9,350,000 TEUs, ranking the 4th in China. With the rapid integration of Ningbo-Zhoushan Port, the port of Ningbo is expanding its services and its cargo-handling capacity. This is a solid foundation for the development of the enterprises in Ningbo Meishan Free Trade Zone.

Thanks to the perfect resources and infrastructural facilities, a large number of enterprises are settled in the zone. So far, the zone has 21 enterprises whose registered capital each reaches over 100 million yuan. A number of enterprises of logistic services, shipping and raw materials have chosen Meishan. Statistics show that Meishan has 9 raw materials enterprises whose registered capital each is above 50 million yuan.

Ningbo International Fashion Festival opened

On the last evening, the 15th Ningbo International Fashion Festival opened in Ningbo Grand Theatre. The theme for the 15th anniversary of the festival is "Innovation of Fashion and Ningbo". The expo will be on for five days till October 23.

With the large themed performance sponsored by Youngor the expo opened. The performance is a review of the history of the festival in the past 15 years, and also a great show of fashion for the audiences.

From October 20 on, will open Ningbo International Fashion Fair, the core part of the festival. On the fair will be over 19 fashion shows in the exhibition center. The shows will include such brands of men's and women's ware as DME, Larrisa, YOYO, Cixing, JW, Giant, and Diano.

In the exhibition hall for women's ware will be exhibited such brand products as Peacebird, DME, STEVE&VIVIAN, ESBACK, Dankeyun, Huashimei, Cathaya, Misavogue, BELLVILLES and Nabee by fashion companies from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo and South Korea.

It is reported that the fair will be in 6 exhibition halls with 2,200 exhibition stalls. The exhibition will have such areas for men's ware, women's ware, children's ware, brand clothes, OEM clothes, clothes machinery and materials and accessories, international brand clothes, and clothes for direct sales. There will be 316 brands of 392 enterprises from over 20 provinces of China and over 10 countries and regions. 50% of the enterprises are from Ningbo.

During the festival will open such events as China Fashion Summit Forum, the 2nd international purchasing fair, the E-business fashion purchasing fair, and the joint meeting of the national department store association 2011.

The festival will last to October 23.

Preparation for Marine Economic Exhibition going on smoothly

On the afternoon of October 17, a meeting for the preparation of the first Marine Economic Exhibition was held in Ningbo Shangrila Hotel. The meeting summed up the preparations for the symposium and made discussions about the work for the time to come. Zhejiang provincial government and Ningbo municipal government officials Feng Bosheng, Sun Jingmiao, and Wang Yong attended the meeting.

The Marine Economic Exhibition is so far the first and most important event of the kind. Besides investment invitation, the pilot marine economic provinces of Zhejiang, Shandong and Guangdong will take the opportunity to show their competitiveness in this aspect.

The exhibition is to open on November 10. At present, all preparation work for the event is going on smoothly including the projects to be signed at the exhibition. At the meeting, it was required that all related departments should well prepared for the exhibition.

Innovation of Real Property, the theme of the Housing Expo

According to the News Office of Ningbo Municipal Government, the 16th China Ningbo International Housing Expo will open in Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center on October 28 and the theme for this year's session is Innovation of Real Property.

The Expo will have such activities as exhibitions of housing products, consultation of housing purchasing, the fifth financing fair for small and medium-sized enterprises, the exhibition of achievements of urban and rural construction, Ningbo banks financial products fair 2011, and exhibition of prize winning designs for houses for low-income earners and fair of second-hand houses 2011 and so on.

It is reported that the exhibition of prize winning designs for houses for low-income earners will be a highlight of the expo. By displaying the good designs of low-price houses for low-income earners, the exhibition aims to improve the quality of such houses and promote the modernization of the housing industry. The fifth financing fair for small and medium-sized enterprises will be a platform that links the state-owned banks and private banks to the private small enterprises for loans.

According to a related authority, the expo aims to display the newest achievements and tendency of the housing products home and abroad, improve the living environment of the people, and promote the economic and social development of Ningbo.

Forum on Economic Cooperation of Ningbo and Hong Kong 2011 ready to open

ccording to a meeting of the Organizing Committee of Forum on Economic Cooperation of Ningbo and Hong Kong 2011, the Forum on Economic Cooperation of Ningbo and Hong Kong 2011 is to open in Hong Kong from October 24 to 27. At present, all preparation work for the forum has been finished. Wang Renzhou, Vice Mayor of Ningbo, attended the meeting.

It is reported that On the theme of "work for the future and for new development", and based on the principle of the "six accelerates", the forum will have a series of business talks and investigations. The activities to take place during the forum will be: the opening ceremony, the main forum, the forums on special topics, project promotions and signings, an exhibition of lamps and visiting related departments on so on. The focuses of the forum will be on city construction, construction of a modern metropolitan city, the marine economy, the development of marine industries, talent invitation, and the carrying out the strategy of strengthening the city with talents.

It is said that various circles of Hong Kong are quite enthusiastic with the coming forum. So far, over 800 people of Hong Kong have agreed to go to the forum


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