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Ningbo International Chamber of Commerce cooperates with ITE

On the afternoon of May 13 local time in Moscow, Ningbo International Chamber of Commerce signed a cooperation framework agreement with ITE Exhibition Group to jointly build the platform of Ningbo (Russia) Home Furnishings Consumer Goods Expo.

Ningbo International Chamber of Commerce is an extended work platform of Ningbo Municipal Council for the Promotion of International Trade, with over 3,300 member enterprises. It is its important service to take advantage of exhibitions for enterprises to expand overseas markets and seize orders. Since its establishment, ITE Exhibition Group has made its way in the Russian market and is now the largest and most respected B2B industry exhibition and activity organizer in Russia.

Orders serve as the lifeline of foreign trade enterprises, and exhibitions are an important way for enterprises to compete for orders. How to hold exhibitions, what kind of exhibitions to hold, and where to hold exhibitions are key factors that affect the quality of exhibitions and

business orders. Take this consumer goods expo. It is expected to attract 40,000 buyers from Russia and Central Asia within a 4-day period. On site, some merchants from India and the United Arab Emirates area inquiring about Ningbo’s specialty consumer goods. Many merchants proclaim that they have acquainted themselves with some high-quality channel merchants through this expo.

Ningbo International Chamber of Commerce will join hands with ITE Exhibition Group to jointly assist Ningbo enterprises in exploring the Russian and surrounding markets, further stabilizing customers, expanding markets, signing orders, and continuously enhancing the vitality and resilience of foreign trade of Ningbo

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