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Ninghai County launches the "Spark of Literature and Art" project

Yesterday, the launching ceremony of the "Spark of Literature and Art" project in Ninghai County was held at the 10-mile dowery square of Xuxiake Avenue.

A total of 15 cultural volunteer teams gathered together at the site and staged a variety of literary and artistic programs, including dance, instrumental music, sketch, Zoushu opera, Pingdiao opera, Luantan opera, and Yue opera. The graceful dance and the beautiful scenery of the 10-mile dowery square are integrated into a picture scroll, presenting a beautiful art feast for the audience, who can feel the unique charm of "literary and artistic sparks make Ninghai beautiful".

It is reported that the "Spark of Literature and Art" project aims to make literature and art spread all over the city, integrate into the countryside, beautify the whole society, and cultivate a good cultural ecology by selecting the types and forms of art display that the masses like.

The relevant person in charge of Ninghai County Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau said that it would work together with art training institutions,

social alliance institutions and cultural volunteer teams to activate social and cultural resources, promote the comprehensive penetration of cultural resources, and carry out the "Spark of literature and art " project at different levels and in various forms in an all-round and multi-angle way, so that the people can better enjoy the spiritual and cultural life, and contribute to the construction of a modern "double excellence" new Ninghai.

Xuxiake Avenue, 1600 meters long and named after Xu Xiake, a geographer of the Ming Dynasty, is a cultural garden avenue integrating leisure, entertainment and commerce, and is a popular site on the internet for leisure, fitness and entertainment of citizens and tourists. After the launch of the "Spark of Literature and Art" project, 1000 performances and activities of various kinds of literature and art will be carried out on this avenue irregularly this year, so that the general public can encounter the spark of literature and art

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