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The 7th Provincial Ice and Snow Sports Carnival to be held at Shanglianggang Ski Resort

On the morning of February 4, the 7th Zhejiang Ice and Snow Sports Carnival, sponsored by the Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau and the Zhejiang Provincial Sports Federation and hosted by the Sports Forum, will be opened at the Shanglianggang Ski Resort in Fenghua District, Ningbo.

Zhejiang Ice and Snow Sports Carnival is an IP event with ice and snow as its theme. It has been seven years since the first carnival in 2016. This year's carnival has many highlights including snow frisbee, snow football, and racing experience. The carnival will continue to launch special events according to different people and regions, and integrate the concept of "ice and snow+" to carry out more activities according to the situation. During the carnival, the organizer will also hold the Zhejiang Ice and Snow Sports and Culture Forum to focus on the innovation and integration of the ice and snow sports industry.

The opening station held in Fenghua Shanglianggang coincides with the Lantern Festival. In addition to setting up wonderful game interactions and competitions, you can also enjoy lanterns, guess lantern riddles and eat  Yuanxiao(special food for Lantern Festival).

The world champions Zhan Xugang and Zhang Shuaike will also join the carinval to explore the dream of ice and snow with the ice and snow lovers and celebrate the Lantern Festival together

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