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"City Freezers" Stepped Up Construction

The construction of "City Freezers" has been accelerated, the coverage of the "digital smart vegetable basket" project has been expanded, the construction of the largest industrial shrimp breeding base in China has been steady, and the Internet red vegetable market complex has accelerated its replication - in 2023, around a large number of "hardcore" major projects, Ningbo businessmen will continue to run and serve more "vegetable basket" services for Yongcheng residents.

City Freezer" press the fast forward button

Ningbo is an important port for the import and export of fresh agricultural products in China, with a large scale of cold inventory infrastructure and a high level of marketization of cold chain logistics. At present, the "urban freezer" under construction - Ningbo Beilun

(Fenghua) National Backbone Cold Chain Logistics Base is divided into two areas, each with its own focus and complementing each other. After the base is put into operation, it will drive the scale of the 100-billion-level cold chain import and export market, become an important cold chain logistics hub connecting the cold chain logistics channel of the Yangtze River and the cold chain logistics channel of the eastern coast, and effectively promote Ningbo to build the world's fourth largest cold chain port.

Meishan Area takes Ningbo Meishan International Cold Chain Logistics Base as the main body, with a construction area of 387 mu, mainly focusing on international cold chain trade business, mainly radiating the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the Yangtze River Delta region. After the completion of the project, the cold storage capacity will reach 320,000 tons, the annual cargo turnover will exceed 1.35 million tons, and the cargo value will be about 27 billion yuan, and it is expected to be fully completed and produced in 2025.

Fenghua Area takes Ningbo Agricultural and Sideline Products Cold Chain Logistics Base as the main body, with a construction area of 240 mu, integrating frozen product trading area, processing and distribution center, and cold storage, and is expected to be put into operation in the first half of 2023. As the first large-scale professional frozen food trading market in Ningbo, the market can meet the fresh consumption needs of 10 million people in Ningbo and surrounding areas, and plays the role of Ningbo's "speedy fresh lock service warehouse".

Let the people's vegetable basket be wiser

It is predicted that in 2025, Ningbo's permanent population will exceed 10 million, and the market capacity will be further expanded while the pressure of "vegetable basket" supply will double. Building a high-level "vegetable basket" supply guarantee system is of great strategic significance for maintaining the smooth operation of Ningbo's economy and social harmony and stability, and promoting mutually beneficial cooperation and common prosperity between urban and rural areas.

The core of the "Digital Smart Vegetable Basket" project launched in 2022 is to use a series of advanced information technologies such as the Internet and the Internet of Things to achieve efficient data sharing and massive information management, so as to improve the operation and management level of wholesale and retail vegetable markets and implement long-term management.

It is understood that since the application of the "Digital Smart Vegetable Basket" scenario was launched, the results have been remarkable: it has served more than 10 million people in Ningbo and surrounding areas, the transaction amount has exceeded 50 billion yuan, the new real estate vegetable has exceeded 10,000 mu, the supply base has increased by more than 25%, the monthly food safety inspection has exceeded 240,000 batches, the food safety risk warning has accumulated 447, and the province's first "vegetable basket" price index has provided strong support for Ningbo's "vegetable basket" to ensure supply and price stability. "Deepening the construction of the 'digital intelligence vegetable basket'" was listed as one of the "main goals and tasks in 2023" by the Ningbo Municipal Government Work Report.

"The focus of the construction of the digital smart vegetable basket in 2023 is to achieve 'easy to use'. The platform further improves the application of 8 core application scenarios and the construction of 7 basic application scenarios, promotes the deep integration of data, applications and systems, takes Zhejiang's digital reform as an opportunity, gives full play to the market advantages of state-owned enterprises, connects upstream and downstream, reconstructs the supply chain, and enriches the industrial form, while introducing government governance to build a two-way empowering vegetable basket industry ecosystem, making people's vegetable baskets smarter and safer. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Commerce and Trade Group said

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