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The industrial chain is growing rapidly

Robots become the busiest "people" in the exhibition

Patiently answering all kinds of questions, tirelessly performing Tai Chi, making coffee and tea non-stop...... On May 27, in the on-site experience area of the Digital China Construction Summit, in the face of the surging crowd, all kinds of robots with unique skills became the busiest "group of people".

In the China Mobile exhibition area of Hall 7 of the Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center, a "beauty" pedals on high heels, swings her arms lightly, and her eyes are smart. It is called "Xiaoqi", with the most advanced bionic skin in China, the whole body has

102 degrees of freedom (the number of axes that can be moved), and the face alone has 54 degrees of freedom, can speak, and has a small temper.

"It's time to take your medicine!" When the time came, the accompanying robot "Xiaojia" walked to the living room to send a warm reminder. "Xiaojia" is not only a smart assistant, but also a family housekeeper. It is intimate and able to accompany the owner, not only to shoot videos for the owner, but also to be on call.

Not far away, a two-armed robot is taking cooked corn out of the rice cooker and placing it on a plate. Its name is "Ash", and he is a nutrition expert and a private chef. Dexterous, it can patiently take care of the family's daily life, from cooking to cleaning. During the exhibition, "Ash" also provided the audience with performances of making breakfast and afternoon tea at specific times.

In general, electrical workers are required to work "fully armed", such as wearing long-sleeved overalls, insulated shawls, and insulated gloves. Now, this dangerous job can be handed over to robots. In the State Grid exhibition area, a "dawn distribution network live operation robot" was unveiled in front of the audience.

"It doesn't look amazing, but it's actually hidden. After our 4 iterations and upgrades, this robot now has dozens of operation functions. Chen Guozhao, a staff member of the exhibition area, said that its specific functions include live connection and drainage line, broken drainage line operation, live pruning branch operation, etc., "This robot has been promoted and applied in 24 provinces in China, replacing manual work more than 65,000 times, and taking a lot of work."

In addition to the robots at the exhibition site, many robots in Ningbo also have their own characteristics. At the Zhejiang Humanoid Robot Innovation Center, a humanoid robot called "NAVIGATOR" can not only take small steps of 1 meter per second, but also say hello, dance, wipe tables, and press buttons.

At PIA, a humanoid robot named "Jarvis" can complete simple interactions with people and carry boxes in factories.

In addition, the learning robot jointly developed by Zhichang and Zhongda De, as a full-production robot, has entered the factory to "work".

The tunnel emergency inspection robot pioneered by Quanhang Technology in China has successfully escorted the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the 2023 Chengdu Universiade and the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou.

Data show that in recent years, the development speed of Ningbo's robot industry has been accelerating. Last year, the added value of Ningbo's robot industry chain increased by 18.1% year-on-year, which was the fastest growing among the top ten landmark industrial chains in Ningbo. This year, the industrial chain continued to maintain a rapid growth rate, with a year-on-year increase of 22.5% in the first four months

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