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Ningbo’s top 3 fans are from Beijing, Shanghai, and Ningbo

Spring Festival tourism orders have skyrocketed by 10 times

The snowflakes in Harbin and the blooming flowers in Shanghai have brought a good start to the tourism industry this year. So, what "flowers" will Ningbo bloom?

According to the latest "2024 Spring Festival Tourism Market Forecast Report" released by Ctrip, combined with order data, the Spring Festival tourism order volume in Ningbo has increased by 10 times year-on-year, with the highest number of tourists coming from Beijing, Shanghai, and Hangzhou".

According to the Ningbo Travel Agency Association, parent-child families and family outings are a major highlight during the Spring Festival period; Ctrip data also shows that among Spring Festival tourists, parent-child families account for 47%, up by 5 percentage points from the same period in 2023.

It is learned that with the arrival of the peak tourism season, major cultural and tourism authorities in Ningbo are actively promoting scenic spots and delicious food. They are also taking various measures such as distributing cultural and tourism consumption vouchers, promoting in other places, and promoting high-quality routes to attract fans; Major scenic spots in Ningbo are also trying their best.

According to Ctrip data, as of now, the top 5 tourist sources to Ningbo have been released, with the highest volume of reservation orders from Shanghai, Beijing, and Hangzhou, followed by Taizhou and Zhoushan.

Ningbo people prefer to visit Beijing and Hangzhou as "small Tangyuan"

So, where do Ningbo people love to go during the Spring Festival?

As Harbin and other northern cities continue to become trendy, many people in Ningbo are also very interested in going there. "Children's New Year wish is to go to the ice and snow world!" Many decision makers of family travel for the New Year have become "post 15".

According to the latest order data from Ctrip, the top 10 domestic destination cities for Ningbo tourists during the Spring Festival have been released this year, with the top three being Beijing, Harbin, and Guangzhou, followed closely by Hangzhou, Xi'an, Shanghai, Chengdu, Sanya, Changsha, and Kunming. "From last year, Harbin's tourism popularity did not enter the top ten; but this year, Harbin's tourism reservation orders have increased by more than 14 times year-on-year, and it is expected to be 'popular' from New Year's Day to the Spring Festival holiday."

In terms of outbound travel, according to Ctrip data, the top five favorite destinations for Ningbo people during the Spring Festival are Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. Among them, cruise ships can be called "dark horses", attracting many people from Ningbo to place orders. "For example, the large-scale domestic cruise ship" Aida Modu" had all its Spring Festival schedules sold out in early January, and the average advance booking time in overseas homeports was 35 days earlier than in 2019," said the person in charge of Ctrip

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