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Imported goods for the Spring Festival sell well in Ningbo

As a city with inherent advantages in purchasing imported goods, in recent years, Ningbo has witnessed more and more citizens including imported goods for the Spring Festival in their purchasing list. Meanwhile, many companies also use imported goods as gifts to reward their employees for the year’s hard work.

So, what is the purchasing situation of the Spring Festival goods for Ningbo citizens New Year like this year? What imported goods are most favored?

Orders made at 11 or 12 pm  On January 23, at Hall No.9 of Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center, many businesses were piled up with boxes of goods in various sizes in front of their doors, and a bustling scene of distribution, packaging, and packing inside

the stores.

“I have around a hundred gift packages to pack today, which is not quite much. A few days ago, I was so busy that I couldn’t even find time to have meals.” said Ms. Zhang, the person in charge of a store specializing in imported wine and food. In early December last year, some customer placed orders for the New Year gift goods, both for themselves or for employees. A few days ago during the peak hours, the store had to send out over 1,000 boxes of goods a day, and it even received orders at 11 or 12 deep into the night.

“This year, the consumers’ demand for snack gifts is still relatively high, with gift packages priced between 200 and 400 yuan selling the best, and the business volume almost doubled year-on-year. However, this year, customers have put forward higher requirements for personalized customization. For example, some employee benefits or gift packages require more corporate elements, and some may add customized greeting cards.” said Ms. Zhang.

At the Polish Commodity pavilion of the center, Chen Yi, the person in charge, is working with the employees to make gift packages. During the busiest season of the year, as the boss, she also has to fight on the front line of goods packing.

“In recent years, the citizens have learned more about the imported goods, and their willingness to purchase the imported goods has also become stronger. Especially under the influence of the China-CEEC Expo, the cost-effective imported products from the Central and Eastern European countries are becoming increasingly popular”, said Chen Yi.

Last December, they imported a type of lollipop with over 70 cute shapes and healthy ingredients, which immediately became popular. “The lollipop is a Spanish brand, with around 40,000 pieces in a container, and they were almost sold out in less than a month. Some are purchased by companies, inside the New Year gift packages, or separately, and their popularity far exceeds our imagination.” said Chen Yi. In the past, the gift packages of CEEC daily products in their store sold very well during the Spring Festival period. Now, the lollipop is another popular item. “During the Spring Festival period, consumers’ demand for snacks increases sharply, and such delicious and attractive imported candies have a great advantage.”

Month-on-month increase of imported goods is large

In recent years, in addition to traditional snacks and drinks, imported meat has also become an important part of imported New Year goods. According to a staff member of a food themed pavilion specializing in imported frozen products, the peak period of frozen New Year goods will be slightly later than that of the general goods, and the price will also be higher.

“The beef is imported from Hungary and can be included into gift packages according to demand. The mainstream prices range from 500 to 600 yuan to over 1,000 yuan, and even up to over 2000 yuan. However, there are still many consumers to place orders. Especially during the Spring Festival, imported beef is still very popular as an option instead of the traditional seafood packages.” explained the staff member.

According to data from Ningbo Cross-border Comprehensive Service Platform, from January 10 to 22, the declared value of imported retail goods in the form of cross-border e-commerce in Ningbo stood at 990 million yuan. Among others, health products, beauty products, maternal and child products, non-alcoholic beverages, alcohols, and video game consoles, etc. are the main imported goods, accounting for over 70% of the total. The sales of some commodities increased significantly compared with the same period last month due to their nature of Spring Festival commodities. For example, the sales volume of alcohols (including spirits, wines, whisky, etc.) stood at 39.49 million yuan, up by nearly 60% month on month; the sales volume of adult milk powder suitable as gift to the elders during the Spring Festival reached 7.28 million yuan, up by 23% month on month; the sales volume for nuts reached 2.8 million yuan, up by 361.8% month on month. In addition, the sales of wool products such as wool scarves reached two million yuan, an increase of 41.8% month on month

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