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Development accelerated for Robot Smart Valley Town of Yuyao

In the first half of this year, the Robot Smart Valley Town of Yuyao County implemented the action of “tackling key problems in 100 days”. With the focus on 74 key projects, the town will take on a new look and have more complete functions.

The nanny-like service ensures the smooth implementation of the projects. The town’s “tailor-made” whole cycle tracking and whole process service measures will effectively promote the construction of various projects, serve all links of project development, and clarify the promotion plan, progress and relevant responsible personnel of each project. Meanwhile, the town will implement the weekly meeting system to accelerate the early implementation, production and effectiveness of major projects. This year, the town plans to invest 302 million yuan in industrial assets, and 130 million yuan in industrial projects in the first half of the year. The land acquisition projects by Ruitu Magnetic Materials, Heli Intelligent Equipment, Lisong Technology and Lemina New Materials are being accelerated.

Focusing on the independent intelligent equipment industry chain, the town has stepped up the recruitment of talents and projects. From January to May this year, the town witnessed the addition of 36 investment registration projects and 16 newly signed projects. It introduced three academician teams, three national high-level talent projects, 72 talents with the master’s degree and above, applied for 27 Ningbo “Yongjiang Talent Introduction” projects and 18 “Yongjiang Talent Plan” projects. The Beijing Youth Creative Industrial Park has introduced two projects: combustible ice development equipment manufacturing, and the new-generation mobile monitoring system research and development and clinical application research of chronic sleep diseases.

The town will accelerate its infrastructure construction and improve its digital level. From January to June this year, the town put into operation the second phase of standard plants for the entrepreneurship and innovation projects, and the Xiaoben Robot, Software Robot, Gongdao Defense, Boshidun Technology and other projects have been put into operation. The road framework of the town was further promoted. Some sections of the two main roads of Miaoyun Road and Qingfeng Road were completed and opened to traffic. In the meantime, the East Xialin Road, the Front Jifang Road, and Yuanjia Road were fully started. The town also planned the new infrastructure projects like smart factorues and smart communities in advance, installed the digital management system of the town, provided the online tools for governance and services for the park management committee, and realized the fine park management, convenient public services, efficient industrial agglomeration and intelligent hardware IOT, thus effectively improving the image and management level of the area

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