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Digital brain development accelerates household appliance industry

Recently, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology announced the list of the first batch of pilot projects for industrial brain construction, and the bearing industry brain project and smart home appliance industry brain project, jointly developed by Cixi County, were included in the list. With the help of the development of industrial Internet and digital economy, the city will deeply implement the “No. 1 project” of digital economy and accelerate the construction of the six landmark industrial chains such as smart household appliances and high-end bearings.

The industrial brain is one of the core businesses of the digital economy system, as well as an integrated and open power-enabling platform for enterprise digital transformation, industrial ecological construction and economic governance. “Home appliances and bearing manufacturing are two traditional advantageous industries of Cixi County. Participating in the construction of industrial brain not only injects a ‘booster’ into the development of these two industries, but also boosts the confidence of the county’s industrial economy to achieve high-quality development.” said a  related person in charge in Cixi County.

Reportedly, the industrial brain of the smart household appliance industry is composed of data central system, government data warehouse and enterprise data warehouse. In the form of data integration, government data, industrial data and enterprise data are interconnected and shared. The high-quality development of household appliance industry has been achieved with the integration of the industrial chain, supply chain, talent chain and innovation chain. After the industrial brain is completed, the administrator can click the industrial chain map module to learn about the relationship between enterprises in detail, and can also understand the average added value per mu of enterprises timely, so as to help enterprises achieve precise management.

Cixi County is the largest export base of miniature bearings in China. In recent years, relying on the smart bearing cloud platform, the county has helped bearing enterprises analyze the utilization of various resources by using big data. “After the intelligent transformation, the effective utilization rate of production equipment of bearing enterprises in Cixi County has increased by more than 80%, thus laying a solid foundation for the brain construction of the bearing industry.” said a related person in charge from Cixi Economic and Information Technology Bureau. By the end of this year, the county will complete the preliminary construction of the industrial data cockpit of the bearing industry.

Focus is put on digital technology for further innovation. This year, Cixi County will promote industrial digitization and digital industrialization, strive to increase the added value of core industries of digital economy by more than 6%, and achieve “zero breakthroughs” for large-scale software and information technology services enterprises. It will implement a new round of intelligent transformation of manufacturing industry, set up more than five new digital workshops (intelligent factories), and promote the application of the “5G+” industrial scenarios. The county will also support the development of industrial Internet platforms and encourage the production of new intelligent products and their supporting manufacturing

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