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Red Tourism Preferred in Ningbo

It has been learned recently that red tourism (tour to revolutionary commemoration places after the foundation of CPC in 1921) has become popular since mid-November and most of the participants are grey heads.

“We spend one day visiting the former residences of Tong Dizhou, Zhou Yao, Sha Shi and the Family Sha. We are amazed at what we have seen”, said Yuan Jiuhui, the 78-year-old who lived at Xinzhi Community of Haishu District and came to the residences with his five friends after a two-hour bike ride. With a serious look, they were taking photos and notes.

Quite a number of tourists headed to revolutionary base areas and residences. Last week, the number of visitors to the former residences of Tong Dizhou, Zhou Yao and the Family Sha reached 1,000 respectively. “Since last week, we have received about 500 to 600 visitors almost every day and on 19th the number exceeds 1,000, equal to the number during the National Holiday”, said a worker at the former residence of Sha Shi. Half of the tourists were the elderly who came with a tourist team.

“Many of the routes are fit for the elderly who can join in the team tour available in Ningbo tour agents several times a week. Hot destinations include the former residence of Rou Shi in Ningbo and red tour resources in other provinces, such as the Jinggang Mountain in Jiangxi Province, Yanan in Shanxi province and Shajiabang in Changshu, Jiangsu province”, according to the agents, most of the tourists are the elderly people, who tend to tour around in the pleasant weather of early winter.

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