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Zhejiang's first orchid theme park opens in Ningbo

The first orchid theme park in Zhejiang Province will be officially opened to visitors at the end of this July. The theme park, located at Xiaotang Township of Ningbo's Xiangshan County, will bring the world-renowned Taiwan orchids to the mainland.

Taiwan's high-quality agricultural products enjoy a high reputation among the mainland consumers, who do not have many chances to try them. Currently, Zhejiang and Taiwan provinces are establishing an economic and trade cooperation zone in Xiangshan County, which boasts favorable ecological environment and developed agricultural industry. The move aims to introduce the modern Taiwanese agricultural technology and management mechanisms to Ningbo and build the first high-quality agriculture development zone in Zhejiang Province.

The orchid theme park is a part of the cooperation project. In the 2000-square-meters glass greenhouse, one can find more than 100 species of rare orchids transplanted from Taiwan.

"The constant temperature in the glass greenhouses as well as the rich soil in Xiangshan permit necessary conditions for growing Taiwan orchids." said Lin Shijie, general manager of Taiwan Jinlan Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.. The company will soon build another glass greenhouse with an area of 5 mu (3333 square meters), where they plan to grow over 500 kinds of precious orchids. Meanwhile, they will also introduce the latest technology in orchid-growing to mainland growers.

"Our orchid theme park offers a range of shopping and dining services for the visitors.  We have opened a Taiwan-style restaurant and a teahouse to offer our visitors opportunities to try Taiwan flavor," said Sun Songe, the local party chief.

Besides the orchid theme park, the township also built a "Taiwan Agricultural Park", which exhibits nearly 20 kinds of Taiwan-grown fruits like taro, dragon fruit, pear, lemon, grape, wax apple, mango, and citrus. "The agricultural park adopts the latest agricultural technologies and tending methods. It has a smart greenhouse which designs to regulate the temperature and humidity and create a growing environment similar to Taiwan. Agricultural cooperation with Taiwan has enabled us to develop more high-quality flowers, fruits and vegetables," said Lou Xin, head of Xiaotang Township.

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