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Ningbo-Russia tourists shoot up 60%

This summer Ningbo has seen a 60 percent rise in the number of tourists to Russia compared to the same period a year ago, according to several local travel agencies.  Russia is attracting more local visitors from Ningbo as 2012 is the Sino-Russia Tourism Year.

According to data posted on a domestic travel website, tourists who are consulting and booking tours to Russia increased significantly after "Tourism Year of Russia" was launched this March. From this March to May, Chinese tourists to Russia doubled compared to the same period last year. At present, most travel agencies in Ningbo offer route tours to Russia lasting ranging from six to nine days. For instance, a "Seven-day Tour of Moscow -Saint Petersburg" will cost 9,600 yuan, much cheaper compared with tours to other European countries. Chinese tourists can sign up for route tours in Russia through travel agencies and they do not have to apply for visas if they travel in Russia in groups (at least 5 tourists in a group).

As the flourishing of Red Tourism, which encourages Chinese people to visit revolutionary sites with historical significance, Russia tours had been very popular among the older generation in China. To attract more young people, many travel agencies launched new route tours in Russia. According to a manager from Ningbo branch of, one of the leading travel website in China, one of the new route tours allows the tourists to visit Russia while enjoy the quietness and beauty of other northern European countries.

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