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28 tourist investment projects signed

28 major tourist investment projects at the provincial level were signed at the China-CEEC Tourist Cooperation & Exchange Meeting held on June 10.

With a total investment volume of 63.365 billion yuan (53.295 billion yuan for contractual use and 10.07 billion yuan for intension use), the signed projects cover such new tourist industry patterns as rural tourism, leisure and health, theme hotels and self-driving bases, demonstrating great potential and broad prospects.

Four of the projects are Ningbo-based, with a total investment of 2.3 billion yuan, including the Touring Car Town at Xuedou Mountain of Xikou Town, the Global Tourism Experience Center, the International Health Management Holidaying Base at Longdong Mountain of Xiangshan County, and the Fudi Water Bay Resort Complex of Ninghai County.

Agritourism in Ningbo to be accelerated

It is learned from the Agritourism Promotion Meeting held on March 31 that Ningbo will speed up the agritourism by promoting the transformation and upgrading from countryside sightseeing to rural leisure holidaying and living. It is hoped that in three years, the agritourism will become an important growth pole for Ningbo's tourism, the driven industry for the rural economic transformation and upgrading and the livelihood industry benefiting the citizens. Ningbo will be constructed as a first-class domestic agritourist destination featuring mountain and ocean-side vacations. 
To optimize the spatial layout of the agritourism, Ningbo has organized such related departments as tourism, agricultural affairs office and land & resources to draft "the improvement planning for Ningbo's agritourism". According to the planning, based on the mountain and sea resources, Ningbo will focus on the clustering development of agritourism with the Siming Mountain area and Xiangshan Port and Sanmen Bay area as the two major tourist destinations. Meanwhile, it will accelerate the construction of such major agritourist towns as Xikou, Huchen and Maoyang, and such major villages as Shilin, Shadi and Hongqiang. In addition, a group of demonstration towns and villages will be built with various industrial patterns, complete service functions, clear comprehensive profits and strong driving force, so as to promote the overall development of agritourism in Ningbo. 

The 8th Ninghai Dongshan Peach Flower Festival will soon open

he 8th Ninghai Donshan Peach Flower Festival will kick off on March 20. A series of activities will follow the opening ceremony. The festival will last until April 1st.
Spring comes again the peach blossoms turn red. It is learned that the festival will prepare a big cultural banquet with aroma, color and taste for the tourists. In addition to the beautiful blossoms, there will also be shows of Qipao and Guzhen. What’s more, Ninghai Dexinfang Gallery established Baomingpei, the inheritor of Ningbo intangible culture, will open on the opening day. Painters and artists will also gather here. For foodies, they can not miss the delicious food just like the beautiful views. The festival will invite cooks to have a cooking competition. There will also be an exhibition of local products. While enjoying the beautiful flowers in the spring, tourists can also taste the delicious food. Aren't you interested in the peach blossom banquet with beautiful landscapes, beauties and delicious food. Are you ready? Come here!

"Beautiful Countryside”, the Year of Tourism Promotion activity unveiled

The 8th Ninghai Dongshan Peach Flower Festival was held in Ninghai’s Huchen village on the morning of March 20. The day marks the beginning of the Year of Tourism Promotion - Beautiful Countryside 2015.
The theme of this year’s tourism promotion activity - Beautiful Countryside is Meeting in Fragrant Ningbo, Enjoying Beautiful Countryside. Aided by Ningbo’s abundant countryside tourism resources, a series of tourism-related activities will be held including delicious local dishes, folk custom shows and agricultural activities with a variety of unique forms.

Li Yonghui, director of Ningbo Tourism Bureau, tells us that the activity of the Year of Tourism Promotion - Beautiful Countryside, will go on throughout the year and cover all places in Ningbo. The activity mainly covers six varieties including flower-appreciation, plucking, gourmet, sport, recreation and folk custom culture. 57 tourism-related festive activities are planned to be held along with a series of unique countryside trips including agricultural gourmet, local accommodation, countryside routes, flower-appreciation and mountain climbing.

It is learned that the first destination of this year’s activity will go to Ninghai Dongshan Peach Flower Festival. A series of stunning festive activities will be unveiled one after another afterwards in every county, district and city of Ningbo.

Ningbo tourism promoted at Zhejiang Travel Fair

"With all the 12 post cards for Ningbo tourism from different booths, you can get a bag of Ningbo glutinous rice balls for free." This is what visitors were told at the 2014 Zhejiang Travel Fair held in Ji'nan, Shandong Province, from March 28 to 30. At the fair, the Ningbo pavilion featuring "marine characteristics" and "smart tourism" attracted a lot of visitors.

The interactive experience area for the smart tourism is a highlight of the Ningbo pavilion, providing such activities as getting tickets by scanning 2D code, receiving a bag of Ningbo glutinous rice balls by collecting 12 post cards of Ningbo tourism and winning tourist coupons by answering quiz questions. Ningbo Tourism Bureau invited the local masters for making glutinous rice balls to go to the fair to cook colorful glutinous rice balls for the visitors.

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