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Seeing the stunning past of prosperous China in calligraphy and paintings

“You can see the stunning past of the prosperous China in every calligraphy and painting, "" No expression is not as good as seeing it with one's own eyes, "" Unfolding the long scroll of painting, you are invited to enter the painting, "" We have to seize the last opportunity,

for the phenomenal exhibition is about to come to an end. " During the Mid-Autumn Festival National Day holiday, the" Exhibition of the Achievements of the 'Chinese Painting' - is still highly praised by citizens.

At around 9 o'clock yesterday morning , I went to the Ningbo Art Museum.  Before I reached the entrance, I smelled the fragrance of osmanthus. The tall ginkgo tree is covered with fruits, and an endless stream of spectators take photos in front of the exhibition slogan. Everything is beautiful.

The exhibition hall was crowded with people, and the audience felt the artistic charm since the Han and Tang dynasties. They either looked far or close, or took out their phones to search for information in the applet, or wore white gloves to browse through "major" books, or listened attentively to the explanations of volunteers.

Since the launch of the "Major Series" Ningbo Special Exhibition on July 1st, over 200 volunteers have provided over 1000 volunteer lectures for various groups and individual guests. “Today we arranged for 6 volunteers to meet the needs of the audience as much as possible. "The person in charge of the volunteer team at Ningbo Art Museum informed us that the audience was very enthusiastic, and there were many who came two or three times during the exhibition." I heard the questions they asked the volunteers, and I knew they were here to 'review'.

The 'Major Series' Ningbo Special Exhibition will come to an end on October 7th, which is really worth visiting. "" It integrates 3D technology and immerses oneself in the world in the painting scroll, which is very shocking! ""I watched three shows in the immersive exhibition hall. ""The painting stands in the past, and I am here, and with a glance, it has been a millennium. "The audience is amazed by the exhibition and they shared beautiful images and articles on social media.

In order to meet the holiday cultural needs of the general audience, the Ningbo Art Museum has specially extended its opening hours: from September 29th to October 7th, it will be open for 9 consecutive days; from September 29th to October 3rd, it will open a night theater for 5 consecutive days until 20:00, and on October 7th, it will be extended to 22:0

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