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The Kunting to Tangxi section of Xiangshan Bay Expressway

Xiangshan Bay Expressway Zhanqi Interconnection. (Photo by Yu Jianwen) At 21:30 on September 22, the entire section from Kunting to Tangxi of the Shenhai Expressway Connecting Line (Xiangshan Bay Expressway) in Meishan Port Area of Ningbo Zhoushan Port was

officially opened to traffic.

    It is reported that this is the first expressway completed and opened to traffic under the PPP mode in Ningbo. So far, the total mileage of expressways in Ningbo has exceeded the 600-kilometer "pass" and reached 608 kilometers.

    Xiangshan Bay Expressway starts from Kunting Village, Chunxiao Street, Beilun District, and ends in Stork Village, Tangxi Town, Yinzhou District, with a total length of 24.15 kilometers and 4 interchanges (Kunting Hub, Chunxiao Interchange, Zhanqi Interconnection, Tangxi Hub), of which 2 interchanges in Chunxiao and Zhanqi are high-speed toll stations, Tangxi Hub is connected to Yongguan Expressway, and Kunting Hub will be connected to the Liuheng Highway Bridge in the future.

    After the completion and operation of the project, the two towns (streets) of Zhanqi and Beilun Chunxiao in Yinzhou were included in the expressway network for the first time, from Zhanqi to Ningbo downtown (Yunlong toll station), the whole journey is about 15 minutes, from Chunxiao to Ningbo downtown, the whole journey is only about 20 minutes, the surrounding residents travel more conveniently, which plays an important role in driving the regional economic and social development of Zhanqi and Beilun Chunxiao in Yinzhou

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