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First in the province! Yongjiang TOD Sports Park is opene

Ningbo Yongjiang TOD Sports Park. (Photo by Zhang Peijian) At the exit of Ningbo Rail Transit Line 2 Yasaiyan Station, a high-quality sports park has made a brand new appearance, with indoor air film basketball court, badminton court, indoor swimming pool, outdoor

camping base.

On the afternoon of September 9th, Ningbo Yongjiang TOD Sports Park opened, which is also the first comprehensive TOD sports park in the province.

The so-called TOD is a development model guided by public transportation. The official opening of this sports park provides more options for national fitness and adds an atmosphere for the Asian Games.

The sports park is located on the north bank of Yongjiang River in Jiangbei District. It is a land parcel surrounding the section between the Yasaiyan Station and Datongqiao Station of Line 2 (Yada Section), with a net land area of approximately 207 acres.

The first batch of projects covers an area of approximately 118 acres, including sports venues such as basketball courts, badminton courts, indoor swimming pools, eight person football fields, tennis courts, camping bases, and various formats such as optical storage and overcharging stations. It has the ability to host high-level leagues and national, provincial, and municipal level sports games, meeting various sports needs in a one-stop manner

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