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The main line of Xiangshan Bay Expressway runs through


On July 4, in the section from Kunting to Tangxi of the Shenhai Expressway Connecting Line (Xiangshan Bay Expressway) in Meishan Port Area,

Zhoushan Port, Ningbo, it was seen that the main line of the highway has been fully penetrated, the four tunnels have been penetrated in both directions, the Chunxiao Interconnection and Zhanqi Interconnection Room Projects have been capped, and the mechanical and electrical, traffic security greening and other projects are progressing smoothly. Xiangshan Bay Expressway has a total length of 24.15 kilometers, starting from the south side of Kunting Village, Chunxiao Town, Beilun District, and ending at the northwest side of Stork Village in Tangxi Town, Yinzhou District

Photo by Xu Tianchang, Tong Shihan, Liao Wenliu

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