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Fenghua promotes "Peach Blossom Economy"

Tourists admire the flowers in peach orchard of Linjia Village. (Photo courtesy of the Propaganda Department of Fenghua District Committee)

In the past few days, the main peach-producing areas in FenghuaXiaowangmiao, Xikou and other places have welcomed tourists for flowers and leisure, which has rapidly promoted the growth of local tourism consumption economy.

Fenghua is the "Hometown of Honey Peach in China". The peach planting area in the whole area is about 53,000 mu. It is also a famous flower resort in the province. The peach blossom season attracts more than 400,000 tourists every year. This year, the 6th Peach Culture Festival was held at the district level in Fenghua. The district uses peach blossoms as the medium to further sing the "Peach Blossom Song" and strengthen the "Flower + Economy" through cross-border integration.

In the ancient Tongshan Academy, the beautiful costume show and the beautiful peach blossoms complement each other, displaying the century-old development history of the "Red Gang" costumes in Fenghua; in Linjia Village’s "World's First Peach Orchard", young men and women, wearing Han clothes, were strolling and meeting with each other; more than 50 stalls in the "Taoyuan Market" under Wangjia Mountainattracted tourists to taste food, experience ancient papermaking and other intangible cultural heritage on the spot.According to the normalization requirements of epidemic prevention and control, in this year's flower season, Fenghua opens the online and offline scenes including "cloudflowers show", "cloud release" “cloud running” and “cloud catwalks”, presenting the regional and cultural characteristics of "the most beautiful peach blossom" from multiple angles and building " peach blossoms" brand.

10 activities likepeach orchard concerts, peach blossom marathons, mountain cross-country races, calligraphy and painting style tour drive the all-round consumption chain of tourism, sports, leisure, shopping, etc. Peach blossoms connect the countryside and the city,and promote the rural revitalization.

The over 10kmcontiguous peach orchardsfrom Tengtou Village in Xiaowangmiao Subdistrict to Shadi Village in Xikou Town are lined up and really beautiful. The 10km peach blossom corridor, coastal flower-appreciating tourism belt, Shangtian Dayan eco-tourism belt, etc. converge into four major flower-appreciating places in Fenghua. In this spring, there is a "sea of flowers" and touristsin each town.

In the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", Fenghua deploys two major action plans: overall innovation and beauty. "We must make the Honey Peach Cultural Festival a festival for the whole people, promote the industry with festivals, and drive the festivals with industries, show Fenghua's development achievements, and transform the Honey Peach Cultural Brand into tangible economic, industrial and social benefits." The relevant person in charge of Fenghua District Committee said

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