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San Guantang Bridge Officially Opens to the Public

San Guantang Bridge officially opens to the public with a total length of about 3.3 km from Jiangnan Road in the south to Zhongguan West Road in the north. The mainline bridge is 2,203 meters long with the main bridge being 785 meters long and the approach bridge

1,418 meters. The standard cross-sectional width of the road is 68 meters, which is the main urban trunk road. The node project over Yongjiang River adopts a 465-meter main span continuous system steel truss beam, ranking the global first of the same type.

 After the opening of the bridge, motor vehicles can directly pass from the main bridge and the south and Jiangnan Road is directly connected to the north and Ning Town Road and West Road connected to the government. Non-motorized vehicles across the river can take the bridge on both sides of the bridgehead to pass across the river. The completion of San Guantang Bridge will effectively relieve the traffic pressure of Chang Hong Tunnel and shorten the spatial distance between Hi-Tech Zone, East New Town and Zhenhai on both sides of Yongjiang River

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