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Voice of Ningbo sounds in Beijing

(Photo by Liu Zhe)

The "Impression of Ningbo" concert of "The Spring of Chinese Symphony" was staged at the Concert Hall of the National Grand Theater in Beijing on the evening of April 9.

The debut of "Ningbo Suite" including elements like HemuduSite, Dongqian Lake, the Brahma cloud bell, the sound of the boat, green hills, the drums and sails, the vast history and the future, unfolds the history of Ningbo with the diverse and dramatic expressiveness of the orchestra, which also shows the enterprising and fighting spirit of generations of Ningbo people.

The Lung of the City

(Photo by Ding Hong)
“The lung of Ningbo” photographed by an UAV-- an ecological corridor of the Easter New Town.
In 2021, Ningbo aims to build a national ecological garden city, and continues to launch new initiatives to add forestation to the city. It will add 300 hectares of green area, with each district and county (couty-level city) to completing the construction of more than one flowered avenue, and reach 25% of four-star and above parks among all the other ones.

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