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Dragon boat race for the Asian Games

19-6-2023  morning, both sides of the Yanshangan River in Yunlong Town, Yinzhou District were bustling with people. The 15th Ningbo Dragon Boat Race to Welcome the Asian Games was held here, with 20 teams gathered together. This is also one of the Dragon Boat Festival series activities in Ningbo.

In addition to dragon boat race, other exquisite cultural and creative products such as handcrafted dragon boats, " dragon boat racing" keychains, dragon boat incense inserts, and dragon boat ceramic cups have also attracted people’s attention.

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National Land Day theme activities held

In the reciting of "Ballad of land protection", the public theme activity of "National Land Day", with the theme of "safeguarding our farmland", was held in the digital intelligent agricultural planting base of Shanshui River Pastoral Garden in Fenghua District, Ningbo, on June 24.

At the launching ceremony of the activity, 33 "young farmland guardians" read out the oath of the farmland protection team, and received related certificates issued by the event organizer. They obtained the "land safeguarding task cards" and could redeem gifts by completing the tasks.

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