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Joint college established in Zhejiang Wanli University

The founding ceremony of the joint college by the Brand University of Applied Sciences from Germany and Zhejiang Wanli University was held on the morning of June 25. It is reported that this cooperation not only means that Ningbo has added a new non-independent joint college, but also marks another step forward in the two universities' exploration in higher education in terms of the integration of industry and education.

According to the approval of the Ministry of Education, the new college will be jointly run by Zhejiang Wanli University and the Brand University of Applied Sciences of Germany. The college will have a total capacity of 720 students and offer two undergraduate majors, namely visual communication and advertising. This year, 60 students will be enrolled for each major, with a "4+0" model (four years' study in the college). Double degrees will be awarded by the two universities.

"The newly established joint college is the only college in China that takes brand specialty as its subject direction." said Zhang Yiping, Dean of the college. Such a decision is made due to the fact that Ningbo, as a manufacturing city, is in great need of application-oriented talents, who understand brand cross-cultural communication, to better empower, build momentum and voice for products made in China.

According to the planning, students of the joint college will have the opportunity to intern in such well-known German enterprises as BMW and Maserati and learn the successful experience of first-class enterprises in brand building. In the meantime, the college will also strengthen the strategic cooperation with the China Germany Friendship Association and the Advertising Association of China, expand its cooperation with Hape Toys Group and Interbrand Group, and further explore the four-dimensional development of "Chinese spirit, German standards, brand leadership, and industry- education integration"

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