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"Learning Museum" on Campus

The picture shows the "Learning Museum" welcoming the first batch of students to visit. (Photo by Yan Long, Yan Xiaojie, Fang Chenlu)

Aiming to treat students' learning achievements as collections for a long time, and let the collections "speak" for themselves,

the "Learning Museum" of Ningbo Art Experimental School was opened yesterday afternoon,. The first batch of 17 pieces were released on the same day, and these collections are the result of students' project-based learning, such as calligraphy works, original art canvas bags for charity auctions, and a 15-minute life circle survey report for the future.

According to reports, the "Learning Museum" integrates physical learning space, digital learning space and virtual learning space, and each collection in the museum is attached to a QR code, as long as you "scan", you can understand the whole process of the formation of collections

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