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Try on costumes, learn facial makeup and practice gestures: the event of “Opera Comes to Campus” makes college students feel the charm of opera

Students from Zhejiang Business Technology Institute are learning opera.

Recently, the event of “Opera Comes to Campus” kicked off at Zhejiang Business Technology Institute. To understand the development of traditional opera, and learn the basic knowledge of opera makeup and how to do exquisite makeup of Huadan(female role in Shaoxing opera), the students of the Yayun Opera Association

enjoyed a feast of opera under the explanation and demonstration of two professional teachers from Ningbo Campus Drama clubs Union and Yueyang Opera Studio.

“I’ve seen opera makeup on the internet before, but today I’m really happy to experience it by myself. It’s so beautiful!” Ma Yilin, the model for this event, dressed in costume and with exquisite ornaments on her head, said as she took out her mobile phone to take a selfie, which attracted many enthusiastic students to take a photo with her.

It was learned that it was the fifth time since 2021 that Zhejiang Business Technology Institute had carried out the event of “Opera Comes to Campus”. Previously, Hu Qiongqiong, the winner of the China Rare Genres Performance Gala Outstanding Performance Award, and Xue Qiaoping, the successor of the new generation of national intangible cultural heritage Ninghai Pingdiao Opera, had also come here to instruct students about the basics of opera and body performance techniques, which obtained great popularity among young students.

In recent years, Zhejiang Business Technology Institute had been carrying forward the work of “Opera Comes to Campus”. It had worked closely with Ningbo Yong Opera Research, Communication and Study Center, Pingdiao Art Heritage Center of Ninghai and Ningbo Cultural Tourism Research Institute to carry out the research and communication of local opera art and protection of old artists. In November 2020, the first campus experimental base of “Opera Comes to Campus” and the first campus inheritance base of Ninghai Pingdiao Art set foot at this institute.

Making full use of social resources, Zhejiang Business Technology Institute incorporated opera performance into humanities quality education and focused on training students who were interested in opera in the form of “conventional teaching plus interest cultivation plus competition & performance”, which enriched the teaching content and deepened the reform of teaching. Students would be able to learn, love and achieve something.

In the view of Xue Yun, the secretary-general of Ningbo Campus Drama clubs Union, the cooperation of different parties to launch the event is helpful to inherit and develop the art of opera. It could expand the influence of local opera genres among young people and foster a group of young audiences who understand and love opera

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