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UK's Excellence Lighthouse Program Innovation Institute settles in Ningbo

On May 17, Ningbo signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the University of Nottingham, UK, marking the official launch of the University of Nottingham's Excellence Lighthouse Program (Ningbo) Innovation Institute. The two sides will build a leading domestic and international first-class technology innovation platform in three key areas: smart manufacturing, green chemistry and energy, and life and health.

The University of Nottingham's Excellence in Lighthouse program aims to explore key issues around the world and find solutions. To date, it has organized more than 300 research teams and has built close relationships with leading companies in the industry.

According to reports, its landing in Ningbo is not only a seamless connection between the world-class university's high-quality science and technology resources and national development strategy, local social and

economic development but also an important project and accelerator for the development of the University of Nottingham Ningbo 2.0. According to the agreement, the Innovation Research Institute will introduce a group of international high-end academic leaders, carry out a series of scientific and technological innovation activities, and build laboratory groups such as intelligent manufacturing, functional materials, green energy and materials, applied catalysis, and future medical technology. It will also strengthen its cooperation with local industry and enterprises to facilitate Ningbo's industrial upgrading and international development.

Focusing on the construction of national independent innovation demonstration zones, high-end scientific research institutions have become an important means for Ningbo to gather high-end elements and enhance innovation capabilities. Since 2018, the city has successively introduced and built more than 10 high-energy industrial research institutes such as Ningbo Industrial Internet Research Institute to enhance the scientific and technological capabilities and competitiveness of Ningbo industry.

The establishment of the Nottingham University Excellence Lighthouse Program (Ningbo) Innovation Institute will effectively leverage Ningbo's good industrial development opportunities and the University of Nottingham's international resources in science and technology, talents and projects." The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau said that Ningbo will, in accordance with the four-in-one cooperation model of “scientific and technological innovation, talent cultivation, achievement transformation, and industrial development”, make full use of innovative resources to provide scientific and technological support for the construction of “246” tens of billions of industrial clusters

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