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Large Number of International Students from B&R Countries Come to Ningbo to Study

Thanks to the Belt and Road Initiative, international students across the world, especially those from B&R countries, come to Ningbo, once the city along the ancient Silk Road, to pursue their study. For example, Ningbo University received 879 international students from B&R countries in 2013, and 1,445 in 2018, which registers a 170% increase. In 2018, nearly two thirds of international students admitted to the university are from B&R countries.

Up to now, institutions of higher learning in Ningbo have received over 20,000 international students from B&R countries. Some of them choose to stay in China, and some go back to their home country, becoming the cultural ambassadors between their home country and China.

Joshua, an international student from Uganda, has completed his study in the School of Medicine of Ningbo University, and is now an intern in hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery in Ningbo Medical Center Lihuili Eastern Hospital. He told us:

“My home country lacks medical resources, and does not have enough doctors. In the future, I will go back to Uganda to help more patients with my knowledge learned in Ningbo.”

Some international students in Ningbo make full use of their knowledge about their home country and China, and work to boost economic development of their home country. Ago Abel, an international student from Benin of Africa, has established Ningbo Green Dove International Trading Co. Ltd. The company mainly sells its self-produced “green dove” detergent, and occupies nearly 20% of Ningbo’s market share in one year.

Education background in China makes it easier for international students to land a job in their home country. The follow-up survey on the 1,041 international students from Indonesia who have completed their study in China finds that most of them enjoy satisfactory salary and promising career future in China-invested companies in Indonesia.

Now, Ningbo offers over a hundred of majors taught in English to international students. By the end of 2018, 5,369 international students from over 137 countries have studied in Ningbo’s institutions of higher learning.

In February 2019, the Memo on International Cooperation on Improving Education of B&R Countries signed between the Ministry of Education and Ningbo Municipal People’s Government highlights education cooperation and communication with countries participating the “Belt and Road” Initiative in wider range, and higher level

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