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BM-Lab Supports Student Entrepreneurs

As learned from the second College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair, the Ningbo Dahongying University sets up BM-Lab to support entrepreneurial students, which helps more than 20 students entrepreneurial companies, involving EC, media, brand design, machinery and electronic products, intelligent home furnishing and others.

The BM-Lab not only supports free space for entrepreneurial students, but also provides comprehensive aiding all along. It establishes head-hunting firms, provides financial advisory, sets up company incubator, contacts with governmental venture capital and organization, invites entrepreneurs and venture capitalists as business consultants to provide personalized service for students. Meanwhile, the BM-Lab screens entrepreneurial programs for students by roadshow and constantly amends the business model. It keeps on evaluating monthly and has biannual evaluation to select the superior and eliminate the inferior. The university also spends more than 15 million yuan in innovation and entrepreneurial education every year.

The first of more than 20 student entrepreneurs have made money. One cultural creativity industry received two million-yuan image design orders. The automatic cutting machine produced by another enterprise can cut all kinds of drapery, which has successfully squeezed into the Hongkong market

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