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First intelligent youth institute at college founded

The first intelligent youth institute at college in Ningbo was established at Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University on April 23.

Initiated by the Computer Science & Data Engineering College of the NIT, the intelligent youth institute aims to promote the growth and development of the young students by conducting the smart education and research involving the college students and teachers, government departments and social organizations and enhancing the college students' abilities in smart publicity, application and transfer as well as their social service awareness, with the theme of "promoting development of smart city, smart campus and smart youth". So far, the institute has established such service teams as the "data for youth" publicity platform, the "youth technology" group and the "smart youth" group. It will then offer supports to the big data analysis and exploitation, the social practice activities of the college students during summer vacations, the campus academic competitions and the college youth intelligence forums

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