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Jiangdong opens College Grads Startup Park

Since 2009, an incubator for college grads to start up business has been in operation in Jiandong. The startup park got the approval from the Jiangdong government in Nov. 2009.

The Startup Park totals 3,230 square meters in floor space. It provides all necessary equipment, such as furniture, computers, printing machines, air conditioners, wide band, etc, as well as initiation funds, training of project management and startup training, etc. Different from other startup parks, the Jiangdong College Grads Startup Park attaches importance to startup training, financing services and feasibility study services. In this way, the start-upers can focus more attention on research and development.

So far, the park houses 31 companies started up college grads. They are engaged mainly in technological services and information services, such as IT, electronic technology, energy-efficient technologies, electro-mechanical services, E-commerce, network technologies, etc, with output value reaching 123.71 million yuan. The college grads take a share of 61%. The Park is dedicated to offering best services for those young college grads who want to start up their own businesses in Ningbo.

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