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"Smart Campus Project" to complete in September

On the morning of July 17, opened in Ningbo the Cross Straights Meeting on Wireless Cities. According to the meeting, Ningbo has started the cooperation with Taiwan in the fields of smart campuses and smart buildings. The smart campus project was piloted in the Experimental School of Ningbo National Hi-tech Zone and it is to complete and put into use this September. Chen Zhongchao, Vice Mayor of Ningbo Municipality, attended the meeting.
To strengthen the cooperation between China’s Mainland and Taiwan, in August 2010, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council and the State Development and Reform Commission jointly issued a document, assigning Ningbo to be a pilot city the Cross Straights wireless city program. According to the document, Ningbo and Taiwan should cooperate in constructing wireless city network with TD-SCDMA and WiFi, in the application of TD-SCDMA terminal and in the added value services and related products of TD-SCDMA.

Taiwan is one of the earliest cities that started the construction of wireless cities, with much experience in the construction of informationized campus. The pilot smart campus program in the Experimental School of Ningbo National Hi-tech Zone has its investment reaching 5 million yuan, involving such fields as campus security, smart classrooms, and remote teaching. It is to complete and put into use this September.

Young entrepreneurs get training in Peking University

A training program for young entrepreneurs from Yinzhou District, Ningbo kicked off in Peking University last Sunday.

Fifty-two young entrepreneurs from 48 companies participated in the training program, which presents an opportunity of face-to-face exchange with experts and professors from Peking University and other elite universities and research institutes.

A striking contrast with previous years is that more young entrepreneurs born in '80s are attending the training class. They make up nearly half of the total students, showing the trend of succession between two generations of entrepreneurs in recent years. To better meet the demand of these young entrepreneurs, the training program offers courses like "Family Business Management" and "Capital Operation and Mergers".

The training program, since its opening in 2007, has trained more than 350 entrepreneurs.

13 Tutors Engaged in Cultural and Creative Enterprises

The Creative Culture Festival held by the National College Science and Technology Park of Ningbo closed on June 29th. Seven tutors from Ningbo University and other universities worked together with cultural and creative enterprises. Up until now, a total number of 13 tutors have cooperated with these enterprises to help them upgrade and transform. 
The Park, a national entrepreneurial and creative platform, this year put more efforts in introducing cultural and creative enterprises. A base of cultural and creative industry has begun to take shape. The production, teaching and research center of College of Science & Technology Ningbo University and the Innovative Center of Ningbo Institute of materials Technology & Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences also joined in the Park. 
The Creative Culture Festival was to promote the sound and fast development of cultural and creative enterprises. This year, college students presented more than 1,000 pieces of cultural and creative works. In the closing ceremony, Ningbo officially became the center of national oceanic science and technology. The park also signed contracts with websites and cultural spreading corporations.

City offers training programs on 10 sought-after jobs

Last Saturday, the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau released their training plans on 10 sought-after jobs to the public.

The training plans cover 10 fields involving the manufacturing, finance, information industry. They are CNC programmer, programmable control system designer, gold investment analyst, credit manager, packaging designers, stylists, the production Digital Video (DV) producer, landscape designers, business information administrator, business culture trainer,

The newly released training plan mainly targets the most sought-after occupations currently. "Take gold investment analyst as an example. By offering market analysis, consulting services, and assessment and investment strategy, a gold investment analyst can get an annual salary as high as 200,000 yuan to 500,000 yuan. The truth is that there are less than 1,000 certificated gold investment analysts in China. The job makes a desirable one in the field of finance. Another example is landscape designers. The salary of landscape designer is going up as people's life quality rises," said Liang Qiuluan, director of Occupational Skill Testing Center. She added that local training institutions shall apply to be trainers of these programs according to their qualifications

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