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City offers training programs on 10 sought-after jobs

Last Saturday, the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau released their training plans on 10 sought-after jobs to the public.

The training plans cover 10 fields involving the manufacturing, finance, information industry. They are CNC programmer, programmable control system designer, gold investment analyst, credit manager, packaging designers, stylists, the production Digital Video (DV) producer, landscape designers, business information administrator, business culture trainer,

The newly released training plan mainly targets the most sought-after occupations currently. "Take gold investment analyst as an example. By offering market analysis, consulting services, and assessment and investment strategy, a gold investment analyst can get an annual salary as high as 200,000 yuan to 500,000 yuan. The truth is that there are less than 1,000 certificated gold investment analysts in China. The job makes a desirable one in the field of finance. Another example is landscape designers. The salary of landscape designer is going up as people's life quality rises," said Liang Qiuluan, director of Occupational Skill Testing Center. She added that local training institutions shall apply to be trainers of these programs according to their qualifications

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