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Ningbo-Zhoushan Port greets the largest container ship in the world

At 17:15 yesterday, the Evergreen container ship, the world’s largest container ship, berthed smoothly at berth No.6 of Meishan Port area of Ningbo-Zhoushan Port, under the accurate guidance of the senior pilot of the port. In the meantime, seven 52-meter high remote-control bridge cranes on the wharf

upon receiving the operation instructions, automatically “walked” to the operation position and work with their 70-meter long arms, injecting wisdom into the docking of “the largest port” and “"the largest container ship”.

As the largest port in the world in terms of annual cargo throughput, Ningbo-Zhoushan Port has been a popular location for all kinds of largest ships. So far, the port has received over 200 visits of 400,000-ton mining ships (the largest of their kind), and a number of visits of TI Europe, the largest oil tanker in the world. It witnessed the berth of HMM ALGECIRAS, the former largest container ship in the world last year.

This time, the Evergreen container ship, 400 meters long and 62 meters wide, has a maximum container capacity of 23,992 TEUs, 28 TEUs more than that of HMM ALGECIRAS, setting a new record for the greeting capacity of Ningbo-Zhoushan Port. The ship will complete the loading of 3,600 TEUs at the Meishan Port area.

During the loading operation of the Evergreen container ship, Ningbo-Zhoushan Port actively practiced “digital intelligence”, comprehensively applied and promoted the smart port cutting-edge technologies such as bridge crane, gantry crane remote control and intelligent tally, and realized the remote-control of 28 gantry cranes for automatic container lifting, the semi-automatic loading and unloading of seven remote-control bridge cranes, and the automatic comparison and verification of intelligent tally operation information, with only nine operators

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