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Chuanshan Port Station of Ningbo-Zhoushan Railway opens

At 11 o'clock on April 15, as the first container was steadily unloaded from the "Huzhou-Ningbo Zhoushan Port" sea-rail intermodal train, the Ningbo Zhoushan Port Railway Chuanshan Port Station was officially opened. The development of railway intermodal transportation is of great significance to the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Ningbo Zhoushan Port is the only port in the world with an annual cargo throughput of more than 1.1 billion tons and the third largest port with annual container throughput. It is a “hard-core” force in the joint construction of the Belt and Road Initiative.

The official opening of the railway Chuanshan Port Station has made Chuanshan Port Area the third in Ningbo Zhoushan Port to have sea-rail combined transport operations after Beilun Port Area and Zhenhai Port Area.

Chuanshan Port Container Terminal is the second largest single container terminal in the world. In 2019, the terminal completed a container throughput of 10.35 million TEUs. After the railway Chuanshan Port Station is put into operation, goods can enter and exit the Chuanshan Port Area by train, so that the "Belt" and "Road" can be seamlessly connected in the port area, and further enhance the port's gathering and transportation capacity.

Chuanshan Port Railway Station is a supporting project for Ningbo Chuanshan Port Railway branch line, which was jointly constructed by China National Railway Group and Ningbo Municipal People's Government. The station has designed four arrival and departure lines and two loading and unloading lines in advance. It is equipped with four rail-mounted gantry cranes and one shunting locomotive, which can meet the entire line of sea-rail transportation container pick-up and delivery and loading and unloading operations. These are 600,000 TEUs and 800,000 TEUs, respectively, which will greatly enhance Ningbo Zhoushan Port's sea-rail combined transport operation capacity and provide powerful support for its rapid development in the future.

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