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Credit report of Ningbo Port Enterprises issued

On February 20, the "Arabian Al Ain" container ship was operated at the berth No. 9 of the container terminal in the Chuanshan’gang port area of Ningbo Zhoushan Port.

How to build a healthy, harmonious, fair and transparent port business environment and help build a world-class port? One of Ningbo's explorations and practices is to speed up the construction of the port integrity system and continue to optimize the port's business environment.

A few days ago, under the guidance of the Municipal Port Office, the joint evaluation of the 2019 Ningbo Port Enterprise Credit Evaluation Results by the Ningbo Shipping Exchange and other units was officially released. According to reports, the total number of enterprises evaluated this time was 1,848, an increase of 502 over the previous year, an increase of 37.3%. Among them, there were 166 Class A companies, an increase of 17 year-on-year, 1,622 Class B companies, 52 Class C companies, and 8 Class D companies.

The person in charge of the Municipal Port Office stated that the current Ningbo is at a critical moment in building a world-class port, and accelerating the construction of the credit system for import-port enterprises is of great significance for port companies to restructure and promote transformation. Orderly development, guiding the advancement and strengthening of the modern service industry of Port and Shipping, and helping Ningbo Zhoushan Port accelerate its development into a world-class strong port.

This credit evaluation work introduced the public credit evaluation information of 531X engineering enterprises in Zhejiang Province. The data comes from public credit information collected by the Zhejiang Public Credit Information Service Platform. Among the 1,848 companies evaluated, 827 have a score of 900 or above, accounting for 43.73%; 939 have a score of 800 to 900, accounting for 49.66%; 125 have a score of less than 800, accounting for 6.61%. The credit status of most of the enterprises in the port area of our city is in good condition, no major misconduct of government affairs has occurred, and the overall operation of the enterprise is honest and trustworthy

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